We have a variety of unique and irresistible snacks, from African chips to mouth watering donuts. Enough to satisfy any cravings or taste buds.


This traditional Ghanaian doughnut is a popular street food enjoyed by many as a result of the sweet spices and expertise of Uncle John’s secret recipe.

A smaller version of the ‘Bofrot’. Every bit as tasty, just served in bite size portions.

Lightly flavoured with cracked black pepper, commonly known as chin-chin. This is our version of a savoury thin biscuit enjoyed as a snack. A moreish snack great for sharing or enjoying with a glass of your favourite tipple!

Made with pure natural ingredients our Pollo is baked never fried. Originally from the Fanti region of Ghana where coconuts are in abundance, this crave-ably crunchy snack can be enjoyed anytime. 

Our all butter scones are handmade with sweet sultanas and can be adapted to individual tastes by an assortment of toppings. Can be enjoyed hot and fresh out of the oven, with a knob of butter or just as it is.

Ghanaian Pepper Sauce

Shito means pepper in local Ghanaian dialect. Served as a condiment our Shito made with crushed dried peppers and shrimps, spices up any boring meal, or can be enjoyed as a dip.