“As the original family baker of Ghanaian sweet bread and other baked goods, our mission is to continue to deliver you fresh, soft to the touch bread that brings you the home from home experience wherever you are in the world”.

Our responsibility is to carry out our business ethically and with respect for the rights and interests of our suppliers and customers. We are a bakery that is dedicated to serving its customers quality baked goods in the timeliest fashion possible.

We strive to ‘do the right thing’ and maintain the following:

Customer Service
Great relationships with suppliers
Hard work

Our ethos is to support our local communities. This includes sourcing quality ingredients, products and other services from local and national companies. Our preferred choice is to source from local suppliers, provided we can guarantee the quality that our customers expect from our products. However, in some instances the best quality and value raw materials are provided from overseas sources. In these cases we make certain that our ethical sourcing values are strictly maintained and adhered to.

We believe that our customers will keep us accountable and make Uncle John’s Bakery the best it can be.