Ghanaians love their bread so much so that they would travel any distance and length just to get the finest bread. You can stop searching because the original heritage flavours of Ghanaian baking remain in our breads to bring you the home from home experience wherever you are in the world!

An Uncle John’s classic made with sweet spices and a touch of Madagascan vanilla. With its soft open texture, it can be enjoyed with a knob of butter as well as toasted. This is traditionally used as show bread at African Weddings, Christenings and Funerals.

If you’re not a fan of the sweet stuff then tea bread is the product for you. Made the artisan way, hand rolled, these speciality breads are shaped like mini baguettes, slightly crustier, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. Traditionally enjoyed with tea you’ll normally find fresh tea bread being sold in local Ghanaian markets or lorry stations.

Our amazing cocoa bread is made with Ghanaian fair trade cocoa to create this signature loaf from our roots. An extremely versatile bread that can be enjoyed as breakfast or as a light snack.

(Twist & Share Bread) Handmade, hand platted bread to perfection. A crowd pleaser that not only looks fantastic, but is the ultimate bread for tearing, dipping and sharing – if you must!

A sandwich makers dream! Another traditionally classic loaf. Great sliced thick or thin, with your favourite sandwich filling in between.

Rich in taste with sweet spices this bread is also another favourite in Ghanaian culture. Perfect as an afternoon snack to tide you over until dinner.

Made with quality wholemeal flour. Looks innocent enough but this versatile little beauty will go with anything. Chunk ‘n’ dunk it or rip it ‘n’ dip it.

A mini version of the classic sweet bread but still packs the same punch! Soft to the touch embedded with sweet spices and Madagascan vanilla.

Small rolls of our signature cocoa bread.

Small rolls of our wholemeal bread.