Uncle John’s Bakery is a Ghanaian Specialist Bakery established over 20 years ago making bread and cakes just the way it was done in Ghana 100s of years ago.

Our products come from trusted family recipes mixed onsite in our London bakery, weighed into individual tins and baked in small batches under the watchful eye of our head baker – Uncle John himself!

Most Ghanaians will only purchase fresh and soft bread (no day old or stale bread will do). You’ll often find them in our bakery squeezing the bread to test the softness before they buy (much to the annoyance of our late Grandma Mary)!

Ghanaian bread may not be familiar to you but we think that, once you’ve tried one of our products you’ll become a fan, and HERE’S 3 REASONS WHY:

The difference in traditional Ghanaian baked goods is the flavour, the blend of sweet spices and how we keep to traditional baking methods.

Our delicious baked goods taste authentic, exceptionally good and it’s not just us who thinks so! We’ve been operating for over 20 years and have many testimonials from a wide and varied base of satisfied customers.

The final bake has a light fluffy texture that’s soft to the touch which Ghanaian bread is famous for.